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Nozhan is an exporting company from Iran and we have mastered the art of getting the prospective buyers into confidence at the earliest and make them believe that we are the best suppliers this planet has ever seen. To reinforce their belief we provide them best samples available and give very competitive rates. Once they are done with the payment we send them the low quality product/material. This is what really keeps us going.

You can find Nozhan on almost every online major market place with different names, addresses, contact numbers etc. (list is given below). It is to make sure that no one gets hold of us easily. We operate under around 20 company names online and all of the activities are spearheaded by Mr. Khalil Nasr Esfahani. He is the man who invented the above said art form and we are lucky to have him as Nozhan's head honcho.

We take pride in never getting caught in all these years and it is with immense pleasure we invite you to join this amazing & successful journey. If you are not still convinced about Nozhan's capabilities please check this link

As we are expanding our business territories, we wholeheartedly welcome companies from other parts of the world to associate with Nozhan / to represent Nozhan in their respective countries. Under the leadership of a brain like Mr. Khalil Nasr Esfahani we are sure that this association will be mutually beneficial.

Those who are still not convinced about Nozhan & Mr. Khalil Nasr Esfahani's capabilities and abilities please click on this link and read it again. We really would like to know what you feel about the proposal we extended and welcome your feedback.

Very soon we will be coming up with articles and behind-the-scene stories of each and every company of us so that you can get to know each of them really well.

Below given are some of the company names we use very often:

Nozhan Trading Company / Nozhan Trading Company ltd.

Nozhan Eghtesad Company / Nozhan Company.

Nozhan Polymer Co / Nozhan Polymer Company.

Nozhan Polymer / Nozhan Polymer Spadana.

Matexgroup / Mattex Petrochemical Group.

Mattex General Trading Co.(LLC) / Alma Investment LLC.

Khalil Nasr International Trading Company.

Jey Refiner Company / Nozhan Eghtesad / Nozhan Polymer Group.

Sadaf Kooh Co / Alma Group LLC / Nozhan Poly.

Our websites:,,,,, .

Names we use as point of contact:

Javad esmaeli / Javad Esmaeili / S.J. Esmailian, Ms. Elahe R

Khalil Nasr / Khalil Khalil / Nasr / Khalil Nasr Esfahani / KhalilNasr Esfahani.

Ms. Raheleh Zarei / Susan Jafari / Mr. Fariba Sadri / Ms. Annahita Bajool.

Mr. Nasim Salehi / Mr. Nasim Salehi / Ms. Salehi, Mr. Amin Sheyvani.

IDs we use for online communications:,,,,,,,,,,,, Yahoo id:, MSN id: KhalilNasr_Trading, Skype: nozhaneghtesad.

Though Nozhan operates from Iran we put numerous office addresses & contact numbers when we do our online listings. Mr. Khalil Nasr Esfahani insists on it, some of them are given below.

Unit 3, second floor, Reza Building, Mire overpass bridge, Esfahan, Iran – 81858. Tel : 98-311-6641-641-2, 6641675, 6641676, Mobile Phone: +989132255184, (98)-9131333086, 00989132293816, Fax : 98-311-6641-676, 00983116641675.

Factory: 3rd Blvd, Razi Industrial Zone, Isfahan, Iran. Zip code: 8164783611.

No. 18, 17 Shahrivar Alley, West Mirza Tahere Street, Mehrabad, Isfahan, Iran, Postcode: 81858. Tel: 98-311-2601762, 00983117715784, Mobile Phone: 98-9131099598, Fax: 98-311-2604067, Telefax: 00983117721765.

No 40, Mehrabad st., 2nd Moshtagh Ave, Isfahan, Iran, Zip – 81465- 1531, Telephone: 98-913-3697317, +98-311-2612950, Mobile Phone: 0989131063607, 98-913-301123, Fax: 98-913-1063607, +98 – 311 - 2604067

3, 01 floor, Arabift tower, Baniyas road, Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Zip: 181030. Telephone: 971-4-2296658, Mobile Phone: 00989131099597, Fax: 971-4-2285574.

Company registration number - 30285.

Brand – Nozhan.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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